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Train for a marathon on an affordable treadmill

Train for a marathon on an affordable treadmill and take a Zipcar car  around the city.

If you want to successfully complete a 5K marathon you’ll need to be ready to spend  money on a good and affordable treadmill. Make a good investment and enjoy training in the comfort of your  home when the weather gets on the way. Training at home will keep you free of injuries and prepare you to finish the marathon stronger.

Consider treadmills  under a $1,000 with a good incline percentage, more sped options and  larger space for running. Also, consider  space saving and foldable ones and look at customer reviews for quality and performance of the treadmill.

A great option to consider is NordicTrac  C990, a treadmill packed with speed and entertainment featured for extra motivation. This treadmill offers speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. Control with a touch of button to adjust speed or endurance level to fit your goals. You can also pair your iFit device and track your running progress.Get the extra motivation and take on a virtual race challenge with your Facebook friends.

Take a break from training on your treadmill and hit the road on a Zipcar rental. Explore the city  without worrying about the reserved miles. Zipcar gives you 180 miles for free to drive on a single day. No need to worry about insurance, Zipcar has all rentals insured so you can focus on driving. Gas is even on Zipcar’s bill just use the included card in your rental to fill the tank. When you join Zipcar you’ll feel at home and part of the family.

Reserve for an hour or 7 days to go cruising after training on your treadmill. When you are done exploring the city you can take back to its reserved spot, lock up and leave ready for next renter. Depending on your area you might be able to rent and return at a different Zipcar location.

Ready to join? All you need  is a  driver’s license and debit or credit card ready. Sign up and pick an option that best describes how you’re signing up as: individual, organization or university.

Now you’ll have to wait for Zipcar to approve your membership. To get a pass you’ll need to have a clean driving record with no major violations. In 3-7 days you’ll receive a letter in the mail with your Zipcard.

If you prefer to reserve for a couple hours make sure to look for N/A for daily rate.

You get the flexibility to reserve for increments of 30 minutes for running quick errands.  If you need the car for more time  you can extend the rental time.

Try out Zipcar for 30 days to see if it’s for you. After that period you can cancel and receive your money back.

Choose from numerous  car brands  and models that suit your taste and likes.

Prepare at home for the upcoming 5K marathon and take on a Zipcar to hit the road.




The Ideal Running and Walking Surface

When you are purchasing a running machine, you need to make sure that you are using it on the right surface. This is because it can cause the machine to move and you getting injured. There are many different surfaces that are great for a treadmill, but there are also some surfaces that aren’t ideal. These are all the information you need about the ideal running and walking surface and the surface of your treadmill.

Why is the treadmill the ideal running and walking surface?

Before you can know more about the surface where you should put your best home treadmill, you need to know why it is so much better to run and walk on a treadmill than naturally out in nature.

The most essential reason is that using a treadmill is more convenient and doesn’t put strain on your joints; making it ideal for older people or beginners to start exercising. You also don’t have to worry to jog in the street where everyone can see you.

The reason why the surface underneath your treadmill is so essential

When you are purchasing your first running machine, you need to know that the surface underneath the treadmill is essential. There are a variety of reasons for this.

The first reason is that the treadmill can damage delicate flooring. And, it can also be slippery and can cause injury to you or a loved one. In order to use the treadmill correctly, it is essential to consider the type of flooring underneath your treadmill.

Things you should consider about the floor underneath your treadmill

When you are going to purchase the best home treadmill, you will realize that there is some protection underneath the treadmill that will protect your floor from damaging. This is something that you should look for when purchasing this type of exercise machine.

The cheaper treadmills cannot only damage your flooring, but it can also make the treadmill slippery. It means that you might get injured when using the exercising machine. These are things that you should consider, before you are making your final decision in purchasing a treadmill for your home.

Surfaces that you should not put your treadmill on

If you are unsure about the type of surface that you can put your running machine on, then you should do some research before purchasing your treadmill. Surfaces like carpets, wooden flooring and concrete flooring is going to be ideal for your treadmill. However, if you have surfaces that are slippery like tiles and natural stone, then you have the possibility to damage the floor and making the treadmill slippery.

With a treadmill, it is important to make sure that you are using it on the right surface. Not many people consider the surface of their home gym and ending up with injuries or a damaged, expensive floor. You should make sure that you are considering the type of treadmill that you are going to purchase and the type of flooring you have. Then, you will have the best treadmill to exercise on without damaging the surface. Visit this site :