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Train for a marathon on an affordable treadmill

Train for a marathon on an affordable treadmill and take a Zipcar car  around the city.

If you want to successfully complete a 5K marathon you’ll need to be ready to spend  money on a good and affordable treadmill. Make a good investment and enjoy training in the comfort of your  home when the weather gets on the way. Training at home will keep you free of injuries and prepare you to finish the marathon stronger.

Consider treadmills  under a $1,000 with a good incline percentage, more sped options and  larger space for running. Also, consider  space saving and foldable ones and look at customer reviews for quality and performance of the treadmill.

A great option to consider is NordicTrac  C990, a treadmill packed with speed and entertainment featured for extra motivation. This treadmill offers speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. Control with a touch of button to adjust speed or endurance level to fit your goals. You can also pair your iFit device and track your running progress.Get the extra motivation and take on a virtual race challenge with your Facebook friends.

Take a break from training on your treadmill and hit the road on a Zipcar rental. Explore the city  without worrying about the reserved miles. Zipcar gives you 180 miles for free to drive on a single day. No need to worry about insurance, Zipcar has all rentals insured so you can focus on driving. Gas is even on Zipcar’s bill just use the included card in your rental to fill the tank. When you join Zipcar you’ll feel at home and part of the family.

Reserve for an hour or 7 days to go cruising after training on your treadmill. When you are done exploring the city you can take back to its reserved spot, lock up and leave ready for next renter. Depending on your area you might be able to rent and return at a different Zipcar location.

Ready to join? All you need  is a  driver’s license and debit or credit card ready. Sign up and pick an option that best describes how you’re signing up as: individual, organization or university.

Now you’ll have to wait for Zipcar to approve your membership. To get a pass you’ll need to have a clean driving record with no major violations. In 3-7 days you’ll receive a letter in the mail with your Zipcard.

If you prefer to reserve for a couple hours make sure to look for N/A for daily rate.

You get the flexibility to reserve for increments of 30 minutes for running quick errands.  If you need the car for more time  you can extend the rental time.

Try out Zipcar for 30 days to see if it’s for you. After that period you can cancel and receive your money back.

Choose from numerous  car brands  and models that suit your taste and likes.

Prepare at home for the upcoming 5K marathon and take on a Zipcar to hit the road.




Is it better to run outside or on a treadmill?

You probably have thought about a comparison between running outside or using the running machine, regarding ease of use. Most of the scientific research shows that using treadmill almost same as running outside. Even there are some exercises which you can perform better on the treadmill than outside.

But, even if you are using the best treadmill, you may have to suffer few disadvantages like “hamster wheel,” may feel like a run of 10 miles of outside.

That’s why here is the brief difference between both is mentioned, which can help you in choosing the best option for you.

Difference between running on a treadmill and outside

It is needed to look for the better way of running between, running on the treadmill or outside.

On one side, using the treadmill while the belt is sliding under you and there is no air resistance offered to your body, it seems to run easy. Mechanically, you can even jump up and down on the machine, and it records it for you regardless of the speed of motion of the belt.

Outside, while you are running, you are pushed forward with the help of your legs as you overcome the resistance offered by air. Research shows that while using the treadmill, you set it to 1% grade, it can be compared to accurate the outside running. So, in this way you can get an offset for the absence of air resistance and belt moves under you offering you to work hard on running machine as you have to do outside.

Which is better? 

If you use the best treadmill in the market, you can enjoy the unique benefits. Here are few specific sections you are required to look out if you want to choose which one is better for running.

You don’t have to learn about how to get pace on the treadmill

While using the treadmill, it is easier to set the machine and forget about rest and just focus on the pace. Unluckily, this process doesn’t involve you teaching about how to properly set yourself and keep your face. As a result, you have to create an internal effort for pacing your instincts.

The treadmill can be boring

For most of the users, even the best treadmill available in the market can be boring. Instead of looking outside and enjoy the relishing green scenes of outside, you have to look at a screen in front of you with a timer running on it, and this can discourage you in passing this time.

Similarly, when you are outside, you may develop a feeling of finish line coming nearer while you are running. In this way, you develop a sense of challenge for yourself to achieve this distance.

On the running machine, you visualize the end line, so it gets difficult to focus, and you have to work harder to push yourself forward and concentrate on running especially when the pace increases.

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